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Gamma-ray Burst Captured in Unprecedented Detail
UMD-led team uses data from multiple telescopes to address long-standing questions about the universe’s most powerful explosions.

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New UMD Research Tracks Global IT’s Shift from Cost-Cutting to Revenue-Boosting
UMD research shows that IT boosts profits by increasing revenue rather than cutting costs

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UMD Engineers Invent the First Bio-Compatible, Ion Current Battery
Engineers at UMD invent an entirely new kind of battery. It's bio-compatible because it produces the same kind of ion-based electrical energy used by humans and all living things.

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Flying Dog Brewery and University of Maryland Partner on Hops Production Initiative
The new partnership focuses on studying the potential for high-quality hops grown in the State.

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UMD’s “It Takes Just One” Student Team Wins National Competition to Curb Violent Extremism Online
BSOS students take top prize for work to empower bystanders.

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