Research Development Services

Support Infrastructure

  • Assist with the development of large, multi-disciplinary proposals, including provision for technical writers and graphic artists
  • Review proposals internally prior to submission
  • Identify major funding opportunities and alert the research community
  • Coordinate internal review of university-nominated grant applications in response to limited submittal funding announcements
  • Establish and administer UM faculty research incentive and seed grant programs
  • Proposal library of successful applications
  • Expertise database
  • Mentor faculty on strategic plans for securing research funding
  • Facilitate State of Maryland funding for research and demonstration projects

Outreach & Engagement

  • Sponsor regular campus workshops and seminars featuring Federal agency and private sector officials on topics such as:
    • Proposal development and grant writing
    • Specific agency programs and research priorities
    • The peer review process
    • New and targeted Federal funding agency portfolios
    • Federal research trends
  • Encourage intergovernmental personnel agreements (IPA) and reverse IPAs for faculty with federal funding agencies
  • Facilitate faculty placement on key agency and industrial advisory boards and peer review panels
  • Arrange briefings for faculty at federal agencies and labs
  • Partnerships
  • Facilitate the establishment of partnerships with universities, medical centers, Federal labs and national associations
  • Established Corporate Relations committee which will:
  • Share information
  • Establish common database
  • Central point of contact
  • Lockheed Martin strategic alliance


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Did You Know

UMD records approximately $560M in research expenditures per year